Morgan Heritage

Grammy Award winning international superstar group Morgan Heritage joined the African continents leading full-service music entertainment, talent and celebrity group of companies, the Rockstar Group, and signed an exclusive management deal with its unrivaled and leading African full-service artist and celebrity talent management powerhouse Tsunami MGMT. In addition to full-service talent management, the deal also includes a content development deal with its groundbreaking broadcast and multi-platform content companies ‘Rockstar Television’ and ‘Rockstar Radio’. 

Tsunami MGMT CEO, Jandre Louw (Left) | Mojo Morgan from Morgan Heritage (Right)

“It’s both a very exciting moment for us at The Rockstar Group and a huge honor to welcome Grammy award winning reggae royalty Morgan Heritage into the Rockstar family and to lead their global portfolio from our proudly African born roots” says Jandre Louw, the Founder & President of Tsunami MGMT and President of The Rockstar Group. 

Morgan Heritage recently released their first new smash hit single titled ‘Pay Attention’ featuring Nigerian chart topper star Patoranking, under their new management deal with Tsunami MGMT and are on the road to release their new highly anticipated album in May next month.

“Its an amazing and exciting new time and chapter for us and we are really energized and excited about joining forces with the African continents number one music entertainment talent management powerhouse Tsunami MGMT and the larger Rockstar Group as we take our music, content, merchandising and touring to larger Pan African and global fans and new audiences.” noted Morgan Heritage.

Morgan Heritage

“We are overwhelmed at the opportunity to join forces Morgan Heritage and show case their amazing talent to the world though the Rockstar & Tsunami power house. Welcome to the family!!! One Love!!” says Sammy Forson, acclaimed award-winning media personality and Managing Partner of The Rockstar Group Ghana and Tsunami MGMT.

In the wake of their historical GRAMMY win for Best Reggae Album as the Producer and Artist for “Strictly Roots”, Morgan Heritage manages to consistently deliver award winning success and lasting hits, achieved by staying true to their formula of authentic Reggae with an effusively eclectic mix. With their Reggae DNA from Jamaican origins, the Brooklyn born group of Massachusetts’s upbringings unearthed a way to infuse the sounds of Pop, Rock, Country, R&B and Hip-Hop music into their brand of Reggae that they call “Rockaz”. 

Jandre Louw, President of The Rockstar Group (Left) | Mojo Morgan (Morgan Heritage, Right)

Their Rolling Stones-reminiscent endurance, longevity and outstanding showmanship, makes the siblings a force to be reckoned with. Not only in Reggae but also in music as a whole. Morgan Heritage’s name is duly cemented in history or as they are also famously referred to as ‘The Royal Family of Reggae’.

“Its an exciting new chapter for us in working with legendary US award winning talent Morgan Heritage and a small peak into the major things to come from The Rockstar Group in Africa, and from Africa to the rest of the world” mentioned Somoina Kimojino, Managing Partner of The Rockstar Group Kenya and Tsunami MGMT.

“It’s an honor to have world-renowned reggae Grammy awards winners and nominees as part of our stable. It highlights our commitment to growth of the entertainment space on the continent and emphasizes that time is ripe for brands to effectively connect with audiences through music” noted Sammy Thuo, co-Founder and Director of SARACEN OMD and Managing Partner, The Rockstar Group East Africa and Tsunami MGMT.

“Morgan Heritage have sold out crowds across Senegal and their legions of fans in French Africa can look forward to getting even closer to their Reggae Royal family now with Tsunami MGMT and The Rockstar Group” noted Rokhaya Kebe, Managing Partner, The Rockstar Group and Tsunami MGMT Senegal and French African Territories.

“It’s a new era on and for the African continent and The Rockstar Group and Tsunami MGMT is leading the way and continues to make history” says Munya Daka, Country Director The Rockstar Group Uganda and Tsunami MGMT.

“Another historic moment for Rockstar Group Zambia and such an honor to have icons Morgan Heritage in the family” commented Chali Bravo, Managing Partner The Rockstar Group Zambia and Tsunami MGMT.

Tsunami MGMT is the 1st global, Pan African full-service talent management powerhouse or ‘super management company’, and the only with Pan African on the ground presence and reach in all countries across the African continent, in addition to a global network representing the best of Africa across Africa and the rest of the world. Tsunami MGMT also represent global talent who have relevance to audiences and fans in Africa, with a full-service representation across the continent. The Tsunami MGMT group consist of the majority of the most powerful and successful talent management powerhouses in each country in Africa and across all key regions of the continent, collectively making up the continental powerhouse that is Tsunami MGMT. 

The Tsunami MGMT group consist of regional talent management and music entertainment company powerhouses ‘RCKSTR MGMT’, ‘Global Think’, ‘Saracen OMD’, ‘Somz Talent Management’, ‘Evolve by Sammy Forson’, ‘STEP Music’, ‘Sling Beats Music’ and other regional subsidiaries individually and collectively making up some of the biggest historic talent, music entertainment successes both on the African continent and beyond. 

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