IMMEDIATE GLOBAL RELEASE: Monday, 19th February 2018

Leading Pan-African full-service music entertainment and celebrity group of companies, the Rockstar Group, signed award winning Malaika to a global management deal with its artist and celebrity management company and in addition a global content and ‘Presenter’ deal with its groundbreaking broadcast and content company Rockstar Television as the official presenter, host and face of the smash new music-entertainment news format ‘SHOOOOSH!’

“To say we are thrilled to have Malaika in the family and work with her is an utter understatement. She is undoubtedly one of the most versatile, fresh and multi-talented leading ladies on the African continent and her future is very bright with her talent that’s border-less and can cut through the continents diverse cultural landscape, borders and audiences and there is no doubt she is set to be the new face and voice of African music entertainment and proud to have her at the RockstarTV network and flagship SHOOOOSH! platform.” says Jandre Louw, the Founder & CEO of Rockstar Television.

“I’m absolutely excited to take my career and my life to the next level and knowing Rockstar is behind me, and my life has already changed in a myriad of ways already just over the past few months in working with Rockstar and I’m absolutely thrilled in this partnership and in what the future holds” says Malaika.

Malaika Nnyanzi popularly known as Malaika is an award-winning Ugandan Radio and TV Presenter, MC, Editor, Voice-Over Artist, Actress and Model. She has been dubbed the fastest rising media personality in Uganda.

Her Journey started while she was at University (USIU) Nairobi, Kenya and was scouted as a model. She graced catwalks, billboards and magazines across Africa and Japan before starting a model management and fashion show production company based in Kenya called ‘Strut It Africa’ in 2011 (while still in school). She is also the co-founder of the Strut It Afrika Fashion Week 2013.

In 2014 Malaika moved back to Uganda to pursue a career in the Media Industry. In a space of two years between 2014 and 2016 she successfully landed four TV shows ‘Urban Today’, ‘The Urban Fashionista’, ‘The Loop’ and ‘Coca-Cola Rated Next’ season 3 on Urban Television.

Malaika’s success extended to leading the Lifestyle and Entertainment service for Jump.UG as editor and her sassy captivating voice and articulation has also been the number one choice for leading voice-overs across advertising and at events. She’s also a very talented actress and in television and film. Most recently she completed the Ugandan TV Series ‘Reflections’ as lead actress and currently engaged with her first feature film by Nisha Kalema.

Malaika is rated as the number one female show host in Uganda and hosted most of the biggest shows in the region including the MTN Global Leaders Gatherings Awards Gala, New Years at The Skyz, US Embassy SEED Fashion Show, Uganda Entertainment Awards, Uganda Festival in Las Vegas USA, Namibian Annual Music Awards Blue Carpet, Namibian Annual Music Awards Road To, Club Music Video Awards Red Carpet show and live awards show voice, Uganda National Journalism Awards, Club Music Video Awards Nominee show, Groove on the Grass, Genesis Uganda Fashion Show, Stanbic Bank Metro Oscars, Miss Tourism Uganda, NeYo Uganda Concert, Coca-Cola Rated Next, Sauti Sol Concert Uganda, Airtel Zone just to name a few.

Malaika is a multiple award winner including the ‘Unconventional Radio Show of the Year Award’ at the Media Challenge Awards, ‘The Daybreaker Show of the Year Award’ at the Radio & TV Awards Uganda and the ‘Best Fashional Events Host’ at the Pearl of Africa Fashion Awards. In April 2016 she made a move to radio and currently co-hosts the multiple award winning prime time breakfast show in Uganda, ‘D’Mighty Breakfast’ on 93.3 KFM.

Malaika is currently the face of Rockstar Television’s news entertainment format show named ‘SHOOOOSH!’ globally, currently reaching over 200 million viewers across the African continent and the United Arab Emirates with several more countries lined up to switch on between quarter one and two 2018.

‘SHOOOOSH!’ presents regular original content with exclusive updates and announcements about anything and everything celebrity, music and entertainment with unrivaled access to famous celebs across African continent and the rest of the planet! This Rockstar-Pass gets you closer to the artist, celebrity and the worlds they live and roam in than any All-Access-Pass can possibly dream about.

‘SHOOOOSH!’ the worlds premiere Pan African music entertainment news channel, a proudly born and rooted African network based across the continent with its branches spread wide across the globe providing cutting edge current African perspectives locally from across the continent and the rest of the word, in world class formats with unrivaled access.

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