With the theme “Final Feliz” with Landrick’s participation, Eva Rap Diva definitively conquered the mainstream of the Angolan market and crossed borders with this amazing hit. – She made history by becoming the only artist from all Portuguese community to be simultaneously with the same theme / Video on three different TOP 10s of the TRACE platform: Trace Africa # one, Trace Toca # one and Tropical Trace, having first been in Top Kisom for five consecutive weeks. Eva was also the first and only Portuguese-speaking artist to be invited to perform at the prestigious ESSENCE Festival in November 2017 in Durban, South Africa. The “Final Feliz” Her video already has about 2.5 million views on YouTube.

“A Rainha Nzinga do RAP” won the Best Female RAP Artist Award at the “Angola Hip Hop Music Awards 2017” and was the cover story of two of the most important Angolan magazines: Super Fashion and “Carga”. Her latest song, “Um assobio meu” brings us to the artist in one of her main characteristics, the social criticism, and is already named in the Luanda Top Radio Awards in the category of Best Rap of the Year, proving to have the right profile to become a classic of hip hop in the Portuguese community.

Eva Marise Cruzeiro Alexandre, with the artist name of Eva Rap Diva, born on October 7th, 1988, who started listening to Rap at age of 8th years. At 12th years old she gained courage and released her first rhymes of improvisation in a typical street freestyle where the Mc’s give their best in verbal battles, declaiming with rhythm and poetry, made and thought at the moment. Since then she has never stopped.

At the beginning of her MC career, she refused to go into studios to record music because she used to say: “God gave me the gift of making songs at the moment, on whatever subject they want with words from the soul, I do not need to record, I Rhyme at the moment! “And it was this way, in the improvisation with combative rhymes, that she gained her space in the Rap in Portugal, Spontaneity is her greater power and what defines her as an artist.

With some impromptu / freestyle videos on the internet creates an unprecedented buzz, grabbing fans in and out of Hip Hop, seducing everyone with her wilful, gazing and determined voice.

Over time the number of fans increased and the pressure made by them, made her to have the need to develop her writing in order to create songs with meaning and consistent content. She began to produce themes and was participating in some of the most respected Rap projects of the time, never leaving the charisma and intuitive force that led her to the battles of creativeness.

In 2009 she chose the city of Lobito in Benguela as her new home, and from that moment she began to make Rap in Angola and soon she was considered one of the best rap singers in the country, with her enormous know how was undoubtedly an asset.

She moves to Luanda in 2011, in search of new horizons and a year later begins to present the program Beatbox in Radio Luanda, every Sunday from 13H30 to 15H00.

She remained active in rap through participation in music and shows a little everywhere and she always stand out among the participations she made, the verses in the song “Fuba”, a version of the song Fubadas Gingas do Maculusso in Rap that made a lot of success and inspired many young women to join this mostly male musical style. This music reached records of downloads on the Internet and was for more than one month, the first in top charts of video clips in Angola like Made In Angola of TV Zimbo.

In 2013, EVA decides to make her first album “A Rainha Ginga Do Rap” that was released on April 19th , 2014. Her presence in the project “Team of Dream Vol II” value her two more hits in collaborations: “3 Coisa” From DJ Malvado with Heavy C and “Hey Hey “from DJ Callas with Zoca, Yola Araújo. 2016 is the year of the consecration of Eva Rap Diva with the mega hip “Final Feliz”, single of presentation of her album “EVA”, to be released in March of 2017.


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